This No-Cost Report Will Answer Your Most Important Questions About Our Free Patio Cover Program:
Question 1: How Much Is It? Inside you'll discover how much the monthly and total amount is for you to get a new patio cover and go solar with us.

Question 2: How Do Solar Batteries Work? Read the free report to find out why we recommend that most homeowners get batteries with their solar panels.

Question 3: Can I Put the Panels On Top of My New Patio Cover? I'll answer this question and many more inside your free report! 
Question 4: What Kind of Warranty Do I Get? This report will reveal exactly what your solar warranty covers.

Question 5: How Does the Solar Tax Credit Work? Not sure what the solar tax credit is or if you'll get it? In this free report, I'll explore your different solar options with you: ownership, leasing or a "power purchase agreement."

Question 6: What Credit Score Do I Need and What's the Interest Rate? You'll find out the different finance options and interest rates that are currently available.

Question 7: Is There Going to Be a Lien On My Home? I'll answer this question and many more inside your free report!
Plus! You Also Get...
12 Before and After Photos. You'll receive a 12 page, full-color booklet featuring some of our projects.

What Customers Say About Solar and Patio Pros.
Read honest reviews from a few of the homeowners that we've helped.

3 Critical Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Solar Company. People make these three mistakes all the time when going solar... You'll know what to watch out for after reading this section of your consumer report guide.

Who Chooses Us? Inside you'll discover who we're a good fit for and who we're not a good fit for.

What Happens When I Choose Solar and Patio Pros? Inside I'll lay out the entire process from start to finish so there's no surprises if you go with us.

... And Much, Much More!
Before and After Photos...
Here's What Our Customers Are Saying About Us...
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